Aug 16, 2023

6 Sustainable Ways to Step Up Your Next Soirée

Get your greenest thumbs on and elevate your next shindig from ordinary to eco-extraordinary. Our guide to sustainable hosting this season can make an intimate dinner party for those closest to you or a mass invite Project X birthday a dash more planet-saving.

We’ve teamed up with our mates at Trolley’d to raise a glass to your soirée that's not only fabulous but environmentally conscious.

A sustainable smorgasbord is key and you can do it all yourself. When designing your menu, make veggies the star or opt for sustainably sourced fish as your protein. No one can roll their eyes at a mushroom medley risotto. Shop seasonal, shop local and shop ingredients with minimal packaging—they’re fresher and more flavourful. Food waste is not our friend so be mindful of overcooking, your guests don't need another focaccia.

Choosing locally brewed beers and organic wines is a great way to support local producers. For an elevated experience, consider hiring a bar service like Trolley’d. They offer mobile bars and cocktail classes with locally sourced minimal intervention wines, craft beers and foraged, organic and ethical native Aussie ingredients—all served from upcycled airline carts. Fasten your seatbelts, stow your tray tables and sip sustainably.

Ditch disposable and use your own dinnerware, utensils and glasses. If you need to top up, head to your local op shop and grab second-hand goodies and reduce the demand for new. Embrace the mismatched styles, shapes and colours which will give your settings a unique and eclectic look—kitsch is in.

As much as the party aisle at Kmart may tempt you, there are eco-conscious ways to decorate. Consider borrowing decorations from friends to reduce waste and give your event a more personal touch at once. Put your Facebook Marketplace scrolling to good use to find a seemingly endless supply of pre-loved treasures. Get crafty by repurposing wine bottles into vases or bespoke centrepieces

Use your party favour to inspire guests to live more sustainably long after the shindig winds down. Add a splash of your own personality. Are you a plant mum? Propagate and give out cuttings. A wellness champ? Make your own essential oils. Devout foodie? Try beeswax wraps.

No matter how far-flung or central your function is, your guests have to travel to get there and go home. Encourage carpooling (we love a sober driver), using ride-sharing apps, catching public transport or even walking. By promoting sustainable transportation options, you’re reducing carbon emissions and your overall environmental impact.

Put sustainability in the spotlight and host an event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and the planet with Trolleyd—Aussie's first eco-conscious mobile bar. Find out more about their offerings here.

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Image: Trolley'd

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