Apr 23, 2023

Dentsply AutoMatrix

The Dentsply AutoMatrix is a unique matrix band system used to facilitate the placement of direct multi-surface restorations. There are four different pre-assembled matrix bands available to clinicians. Selection of a suitable matrix band depends on the crown height of the prepared tooth and the amount of interproximal space required to be closed to ensure a tight contact point.

What's good about itThe AutoMatrix system may be used for all multi-surface restorations with a high degree of reliability. Its superiority over other matrix systems is clear when applied to three or more surface direct restorations. The AutoMatrix can deliver a 360-degree isolation of the prepared tooth, ensuring excellent marginal adaptation of restorative material. Minimal supra-gingival tooth structure is required to fit the AutoMatrix system securely.

Heavily broken-down teeth are often only restorable with the AutoMatrix system as other systems fail to produce the same level of marginal isolation and produce a sub-standard result. In addition, these heavily broken-down teeth may be restored with satisfactory contact points, thanks to the assortment of thin gauge matrix bands.

To successfully employ the AutoMatrix system, the Automate III Tightening Device and AutoMatrix Snippers are essential (both are included in the Introductory Kit or can be purchased separately).

The clinical application has four main steps. Select the appropriate sized band assembly and fit loosely to the prepared tooth, with the auto-lock section of the band against the most intact wall of the tooth. While holding the band in place with firm finger pressure, tighten the AutoMatrix with Automate III Tightening Device by turning handle clockwise until two-to-three clicks are heard. Remove the tightening device by rotating handle counter-clockwise. Place wedges interproximally as required and burnish contacts point/s.

What's not so goodThe perfectly accurate contours achieved with sectional bands are extremely difficult to replicate with AutoMatrix bands. In Class II situations, I always favour a sectional system over the AutoMatrix system. However, when placing complex direct restorations of three or more surfaces, the AutoMatrix is difficult to beat.

Where did you get itDentsply.

By Dr Alex Bornsztejn, Affordable Dental Care, Cannonvale, QLD.

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