Apr 07, 2023

Shoppers rave about £1.50 ‘luxe’ individual lashes that rival £21 TikTok

Shoppers can't get over the £1.50 ‘luxe’ individual lashes currently in Primark that rival £21 Tatti Lashes that went viral on TikTok, saying they ‘look like semi-permanent lashes’

In the pursuit of fuller looking lashes, shoppers have unearthed a hidden gem in Primark that can save you almost £20 and give you professional looking results.

Part of Primark's PS… range, the 30 Individual Lashes packs contain clusters of individual false eyelashes, and come in a range of lengths, including assorted and medium, so you can mix and match to get your desired look.

One shopper in a Facebook goup called Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK shared the lashes, saying: "For anyone who likes using the Tatti Lashes, I found these ones in the black box in Primark! A bit longer than the natural Tatti ones, but for the price I’m really happy!"

Tatti Lashes became somewhat of a cult-favourite after TikTok users couldn't stop raving about how naturally thicker and longer they made their lashes look. The Tatti Lashes Invisi-lash Kit, £21.95 here (was £28.90) offers a range of different length lashes in different styles, so you can create your own lash look.

Primark's PS… Individual Lashes in assorted sizes will also let you mix and match lengths, but for just a fraction of the price, with each packet setting you back just £1.50.

The Primark set, however, doesn't come with eyelash adhesive or an applicator, both of which are included in the Tatti Lashes Kit, however one shopper in the group shared that they use Duo Quick Set Striplash Adhesive Eyelash Glue Clear, £6.99 here.

The Tatti Lashes Kit also contains an applicator, however if you’re missing one of these from your arsenal of lash supplies, you can pick up this Boots Lash Applicator, £3 here, to help you have an easier time placing your lashes.

If you aren't sure how the Primark version of lashes will look, other shoppers in the bargain hunting Facebook group also chimed in with their experience of using the lashes, with one shopper saying: "I have these on today, wasn't sure as they looked really long, but they’re really nice".

Another user replied to the comment agreeing with them, writing: "I was the same but I love them and had a lot of compliments from my colleagues today."

The Primark lash user who had shared the tip about using the Duo Quick Adhesive also added: "I use the Primark ones all the time, they look like semi-permanent lashes."


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