Nov 17, 2023

Weather Guard Aluminum Safari Van Rack

Work vans help you transport your equipment from job to job, but there are limits as to how much you can haul at once. The updated Weather Guard Safari Van Rack works to address some common van rack pain points by simplifying the loading and unloading process and letting you carry more. We’re taking a look at how this update stands out from the brand's previous van rack model.

This van rack comes in sizes Compact (ASRC001), which fits compact vans, Full-Size Standard (ASRS001), and Full-Size Extended (ASRL001). Each one can accommodate loads up to five feet wide, with the compact model having a 63-inch width and the two full-size models having a 73-inch width. This adds an additional foot of carrying width over Weather Guard's last model (210-3).

Another advantage this updated model has over the brand's previous Safari van rack is the addition of a load-assist roller bar. It protects the vehicle while making it easier to load and unload your ladders and other equipment. Additionally, the racks feature adjustable ladder stops and tie-down points, letting you customize your setup based on your load.

The racks’ aluminum construction also ensures a lightweight and corrosion-resistant design.

The Safari van racks are compatible with leading commercial full-size and compact vans sold in the USA and Canada. You can visit Weather Guard's website for more information on van compatibility.

The compact rack retails for $769. The standard and extended models retail for $1249 and $1248, respectively. You can find them wherever Weather Guard products are sold.

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