Mar 21, 2023

Beauty Review: HKBlanclub whitens your teeth in just half an hour

In the past, teeth whitening was a whole ordeal and required a costly visit to the dentist. This year, however, has seen a sharp uptick in commercial blue light teeth whitening taking place at small clinics. Gone are the days of dental appointments. Now, you can lighten your teeth quickly and effectively for an affordable price. In this week's Beauty Review, I take one for the team and try out HKBlanclub's Teeth Spa treatment.

Now, if you’re a regular reader of our Lifestyle Asia Best Bites column, then you’ll know that I’m addicted to the Tao Ti Supreme Meta Green Tea. After downing a crate or two — each containing 24 bottles — in quarantine, I began to notice that my once flawless teeth were… not so flawless anymore. My pearly whites had faded into a dull yellow and it was beginning to affect my self-confidence.

And so began my teeth whitening journey. I started off by using Crest whitening strips every week, but the results were mediocre at best and the process made my teeth numb and painful. I was crestfallen (lol). I resorted to a life of closed-mouth smiles and for a while, it felt like all hope was lost in the world — then I stumbled across HKBlanclub's "Teeth Spa". The name conjured up an image of my chompers wrapped in a towel and enjoying a sauna, which y’know, is pretty intriguing, so I sought to understand the treatment better.

After consulting with the HKBlanclub team, I realised that the so-called Teeth Spa is simply a teeth whitening treatment using a mild, homemade hydrogen peroxide gel combined with a blue LED light. The company advertises the Teeth Spa as a gentle and non-invasive maintenance service that you do multiple times yearly to stack the effects, rather than a harsher, one-off procedure.

Since you can pop by HKBlanclub any time during the day for a quick session, brushing your teeth beforehand is not required. I recommend it though, just so you can start off with a blank canvas.

Anyway, when I arrived at the clinic, I was given a small cup of mouthwash to rinse my mouth. Then I was led to a heavily cushioned armchair — it was super soft and comfy, which is pretty important as you’re gonna be sitting here for the next 30 minutes — and the staff handed me a pair of red-tinted goggles and a bib.

The next step was the slightly uncomfortable process of putting a cheek retractor in my mouth, which, aside from making me look ridiculous like I’m playing a game of Speak Out on The Ellen Show, didn't hurt or anything. After securing it in place, the staff lined the insides of my lips with cotton pads to prevent me from dribbling during the treatment. The homemade hydrogen peroxide gel was applied and a blue LED light device was positioned over my teeth. And then I was left to rest.

You’re free to scroll through your phone during the treatment, but I found it difficult because of my red-tinted glasses. I drifted into a half-awake, half-asleep condition. My teeth didn't hurt at all during the process.

Half an hour later, the blue LED light device switched off automatically and I could remove all the bits and bobs in my mouth. I did drool quite a bit, but luckily my bib caught the worst of it. I was told to rinse my mouth with water and then, I got to see my results.

On a scale of lightness, my teeth went from a 20 to a 10 — that's ten freakin’ shades, people. I was pretty shocked when the therapist handed me a mirror so I could see for myself. For only a half-hour soak, the results were more than satisfactory. And I could finally smile again and not feel self-conscious.

I’ll be going back for another treatment next week. To prolong results, I’ll also try my best to cut off my addiction to the Tao Ti Supreme Meta Green Tea…

One teeth whitening session at HKBlanclub is HK$1,580, but if you quote CHARMAINENYW, you can enjoy a discounted price of HK$988 for one person and HK$1,680 for two people. Find out more here. Please note that this is not sponsored.

(Lead and featured images courtesy of Dental Authority)


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Beauty Review: HKBlanclub whitens your teeth in just half an hour