Jun 13, 2023

Geka’s microbristle applicators, the innovative response to skinimalism

In response to the market demand, Geka GmbH has expanded its product portfolio to innovative systems like the precise, clean, and hygienic micro bristle applicators. The micro bristles allow the loading and release of a precise and regular dose regardless of the user.

The advantages of Geka's micro bristle applicators:

Soft micro bristles allow for precise, hygienic, and soft product application; Exact matching of the applicator to the application, product, and customer requirements; Higher dosage and application precision; Pure pharma-grade plastic: no use of glues, fibres, metal or additives; Reduced product waste.


With an IT Products award, one of Geka's micro bristle applicators (fusionAPPLICATOR) had been recognized as high-performing applicator for skincare in 2021. Eight experts of the MakeUp Shanghai IT PRODUCTS committee have selected GEKA's fusionAPPLICATOR among 38 novelties tested and evaluated.

Innovative applicator with very delicate micro bristles for the precise, pure, hygienic and smooth application of formulation. Overall, 50 bristles with 4,23 bristles per mm². Ideal for applying serums, anti-aging, and oils.

The basic idea behind developing micro-bristle applicators is to apply liquid or semi-solid substances to the skin with greater precision and hygiene and improve the existing applicator systems. Applications with cotton buds, flocked applicators, nail varnish brushes, or fingers offer a lower level of hygiene and precision and cannot preserve total sterility since the fibres can adhere to the skin during application.

In contrast, micro-bristles offer hygienic, as well as dot and track precision due to their composition and geometry. The bristles do not spread, and thanks to adjusted rigidity and perfect resilience, they can also reach hard-to-access areas. With the ability to exact dosage the texture, it is the ideal solution for skinimalism products. Indeed, they enable consumers to perfectly control the amount of formula used.

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