Jul 26, 2023



Rowan Thomas


Panasil provides precise impression results, even in extreme situations, as recognised by The Dental Adviser‘s 2023 VPS Impression Material award.

Precision without compromise, that's what Panasil – the precision impression material from Kettenbach Dental – stands for.

With its convincing product properties and coordinated product combinations, the Panasil product family offers the right material for every impression technique and indication.

Panasil, above all, stands out by virtue of its unique hydrophilic properties. These ensure a high level of detail reproduction and hence accurate impressions even in extreme conditions. So, impressions also succeed in a moist environment.

The Panasil product family offers perfectly coordinated, innovative materials for all impression techniques and indications. Whether low, medium or high viscosity, as well as hand-mixing material: all Panasil A-silicone-based impression materials are persuasive with their modern formulations.

Panasil binetics Putty Fast is a genuine hand-mixing putty based on A-silicone for precision impressions from a 5:1 jumbo cartridge designed to impress with its economy, ease and hygiene.

As a tray material with putty consistency, it is ideally suited for corrective impressions. The ease of trimming and the particularly high dynamic pressure make the product a popular material.

Panasil tray Soft Heavy is ideally suited as a tray material for the doublemix technique. Its high stability is equally as impressive as its easy trimming and simple removal.

Panasil monophase Medium offers an ideal combination of outstanding flowability, extraordinary hydrophilicity and high final hardness. So, it is the first choice for implant impressions using the monophase impression technique.

Thanks to its unique hydrophilicity, Panasil initial contact, the corrective material in the family, immediately overcomes any residual moisture on direct contact with the tooth surface. This extremely fast spreading of moisture allows preparation margins to be prepared with detail reproduction.

So, impressions may be taken successfully in a moist environment with an exceptionally precise result. This is true even in extreme situations like difficult hemostasis.

The leading research publication from the USA, The Dental Adviser, regularly awards the highest quality materials used in dentistry. So they did for 2023 and again they have awarded Panasil as ‘Preferred Product 2023 Impression Material’.

The experts from The Dental Adviser test dental products and their properties and evaluate them across a number of categories.

For Panasil precision impression material, they argue it is a modern classic. It provides an ideal tray and correction material for every indication and technique.

If you value high accuracy and ease in workflow, safety and precision when taking impressions, Panasil is your choice. With their convincing product properties, it is no wonder that Panasil line precision impression materials have been problem solvers in dental practice for over four decades now.

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Panasil provides precise impression results, even in extreme situations, as recognised by The Dental Adviser‘s 2023 VPS Impression Material award.