Apr 15, 2023

The 5 Best Lash Glues of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Lily Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue is easy to use, provides a strong grip on lashes, and is safe for sensitive skin.

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Finding the right eyelash glue is like finding a soulmate: It takes time, work, and effort to narrow down the one who will stick by you no matter what. But once you’ve found them, it's clear there's no one else you would rather be stuck with — and that's exactly how we feel about these five lash adhesives.

To find the best of the best, we researched and tested 15 of the most highly-rated eyelash glues available. Then, we had a group of eight testers analyze the adhesives based on ease of application, hold, and comfort. Throughout the testing process, we weeded through the sub-par products to uncover the five best eyelash glues. Of the adhesives that made the list, the incredibly popular Lily Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue was the clear winner due to its precise applicator and quick-drying formula.

No matter what kind of lash adhesive you’re looking for — whether it be black, clear, affordable, or luxe — learn more about the five best lash glues below.


What We Love: This latex-free false lash adhesive has an ultra-thin precision brush that allows for even distribution.

What We Don't Love: The glue dries fast, so be sure to apply lashes as soon as possible.

There's no other way to say it: All lash glues are not created equal. This statement rings especially true when it comes to Lily Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue. This top-rated product is loved by makeup artists, beauty experts, and ophthalmologists alike due to its non-irritating formula. The clear glue is free from parabens, latex, mineral oil, formaldehydes, and other bad-for-you ingredients, meaning you can use it without fear of irritating your eyelids. Additionally, the glue's consistency is worth noting as it's not too goopy or runny – it's the perfect middle ground.

Aside from the stand-out formula, this product features an ultra-thin precision brush, making it ideal for anyone who doesn't have much experience with false lash applications. "This glue comes with a very simple applicator which is great for beginners and allows you to control exactly how much you want to use, making it ideal for lashes with thin spines/bands," one tester explains. "I will say that if someone has never applied lashes before, this glue allows a lot of control."

As for how the glue pairs with lashes, it's a match made in heaven. "This glue gripped onto my lash line right away with ease," our tester adds. "It didn't cause any irritation on my eyes (and I have sensitive skin) and didn't have a noticeable smell." She also notes that the falsies felt super secure — she even gently tugged them after a few minutes, and they stayed in place.

Price at time of publish: $13

Size: 0.16 fl oz. | Application method: Brush | Color: Clear

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What We Love: This fast-drying glue is hypoallergenic and enriched with vitamins A, C, and E.

What We Don't Love: Once this glue dries, it's not very moveable, so be sure to place your lashes exactly where you want them.

At less than $5 a pop, this lash glue is cheaper than an oat milk latte at your local coffee shop. Aside from that, it boasts a quick-drying, hypoallergenic formula that is safe for sensitive eyelids. Plus, the formula itself is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, which help to nourish and condition natural lashes. One of our favorite things about this glue is that it comes in two shades (clear and black), so you can try out different makeup looks. Not to mention, it's also waterproof, which means it can last all day – even in extreme humidity.

Additionally, one of our reviewers notes that this product is "incredibly easy to apply." Once the glue is brushed onto lashes, it dries and sets quickly, so be sure you have them where you want them. And, although this adhesive has a strong hold, it's easy to take off with a gentle eye makeup remover.

Price at time of publish: $4

Size: 0.18 fl oz. | Application method: Brush | Color: Clear, Black

InStyle / Jhett Thompson

InStyle / Jhett Thompson

InStyle / Jhett Thompson

InStyle / Jhett Thompson


What We Love: This eyelash glue doubles as a liquid eyeliner.

What We Don't Love: It's not extremely sticky, which means it's not suited for heavy lashes.

Looking for the ultimate two-in-one makeup product? This waterproof eyelash glue doubles as a high-drama eyeliner pen, and, according to one of our reviewers, is incredibly easy to apply. "It glides on like regular eyeliner," she says. Thanks to the super-fine felt-tip pen, you’ll be able to create precise lines, making it the ideal tool for mastering a cat-eye.

Our tester also notes that this glue went on "fairly seamlessly and didn't clump up on [my] skin." This is one of our favorite things about this lash adhesive, as it pairs well with other products like eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer, and eye cream. The bottom line: You won't have to worry about it pilling or flaking.

Although, there is one thing to note about this product. "The adhesive of this eyeliner wasn't as sticky as expected, but it did hold the false lashes in place," our tester explains. Because of this, we recommend using this glue with individual flare or single lashes as opposed to a full, heavy set, because it might not hold the weight as well.

Price at time of publish: $20

Size: 0.3 fl oz. | Application method: Pen | Color: Black, Brown

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What We Love: This eyelash adhesive is made with vitamin E, which helps to moisturize and soothe delicate skin around the eyes.

What We Don't Love: You might need to use multiple coats of this glue to get an extra-firm hold on heavy lashes.

This PÜR favorite is ideal for anyone who is looking for an affordable and effective clear eyelash glue. It features an easy-to-use precision brush applicator, which means you won't have to deal with messy, sticky lashes. According to our tester, "the brush applicator makes this process simple and relatively mess free." They also note that the applicator tip is "the perfect size" as it's large enough to effectively coat lash sets, but small enough to be precise.

Additionally, this glue has a fast-drying, waterproof formula that's infused with vitamin E, which ensures the skin around the eyes is free from irritation. One of the things we like best about this product is that it goes on white so you can see exactly where you applied it. (The formula turns clear once dry.) "The glue dries fast enough to hold, but initially has some timing flexibility, which is nice as I had to shift the lashes around a bit," our tester explains. "Not very much [glue] was needed to hold [lashes], and it didn't leave my eyes feeling dry, which glue often does."

As for the holding power, our tester says, "the glue is lightweight but strong," adding, "I experienced no irritation or tugging." While they gave this product an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, they did have one note: "I wish the glue had a tad firmer hold. It seems like it would be great for lashes that come in pieces, but might not have the durability for a heavy set."

Price at time of publish: $8

Size: 0.1 fl oz. | Application method: Brush | Color: Clear


What We Love: This glue offers a long-lasting hold on all kinds of lashes.

What We Don't Love: If you use too much glue, it might irritate skin.

Going for a bold eye makeup look? This top-rated eyelash glue from Sephora is just the thing you need. Complete with a quick-drying formula that provides a supportive hold for false lashes, this product will keep your falsies in place for hours on end. Plus, the adhesive is somewhat tacky, which means it's easy to adjust lashes if needed. Unlike other glues, this formula supports all kinds of lashes — from individual pieces to heavy sets. Additionally, this glue comes in two colors (black and white), so you can pick which hue best caters to your makeup look. We’re partial to the black hue, though, because the inky color blends right in with the darkest eyeliners without looking mismatched.

"It is extremely easy to apply the glue to the lash extension due to the applicator tip," our tester says. "It makes the application mess-free." We will note that if you apply too much glue to lashes (like multiple coats), it might irritate your eyelids. So be sure only to do one single coat of glue – trust us, you won't need more.

Price at time of publish: $8

Size: 0.11 fl oz. | Application method: Brush | Color: Black, White

To start, we researched the top-rated eyelash glues on the market. After deep-diving into the ratings, we rounded up the 15 most popular options and put them to the test. Eight testers analyzed the lash glues on a scale of 1 to 5 in three important categories: Ease of application, hold/comfort, and wear. Once all the testers provided their feedback, we were able to weed out the so-so lash glues and narrow down the list to the 5 best glues.

The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate. That being said, it's important to treat that skin with the utmost care. Because products (including eyelash glue, eyelash serums, and eye creams) are formulated with a range of different ingredients, taking the ingredient list into account is vital. In terms of eyelash glue, look for formulas that are hypoallergenic or contain good-for-your-skin ingredients like vitamins A, C, or E (which the Ardell DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive has). Additionally, if you are allergic to latex, stay away from formulas that include it. (Lily Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue has a latex-free formula).

Eyelash glue and false lashes go hand-in-hand since you can't (typically) have one without the other. Just as the type of glue is important, so are the lashes. Contrary to popular belief, not all glues will work with every lash type — this especially rings true when wearing thicker, heavy-duty eyelashes. If you tend to opt for heavier fringe, choose a super strong hold glue. Ardell DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive is one of the best adhesives to use on more dramatic lashes because of its longevity and strength.

Typically when lash glue dries down it's one of two colors: Clear or black. (Sometimes brown is also an option, but it's not as common). We recommend sticking with a clear option (like PÜR Pro Eyelash Glue) if you’re looking for a more natural look or you’re a beginner because mistakes are unrecognizable and can be covered up. Black glue, on the other hand, leaves a lot of room for error. It's best to use black glue if you’re going for a dramatic look and wearing thick eyeliner, as the hue will blend into the eyeliner. Sephora Brush-Tip Lash Adhesive has the richest black glue with optimal staying power, making it one of our favorite colored options.

It's important to know how to properly apply lash glue to avoid irritating or damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. "No matter which type of lash glue you pick — eyeliner style or the one that comes in a tube — always apply it onto your falsies and not on your lid," says beauty expert and founder of the Style Sprinter blog, Katya Bychkova. "The only exception to this rule is magnetic lash glue, [which is] designed to be used directly on your lid, just like an eyeliner." From there, be sure you wait about 15 seconds before applying the lash to your lid. This will ensure the consistency is not too runny. "If you don't allow your lash glue to become gooey before applying it to your lid, it will be less likely to stick and might move your eye makeup," she explains.

"There are a few options for removing lash glue from lashes: An oil-based makeup remover, a dedicated lash cleansing solution, or just physically removeing glue with cotton swabs," explains Bychkova. "The first two options are the safest for your falsies, as physical removal might bend the lash permanently." To remove the glue, dampen a cotton pad with an oil-based makeup remover or lash cleansing solution and gently rub lashes until the glue is gone.

If you have leftover lash glue stuck to eyelids, there are a few ways to safely remove it. "Don't panic," says lash expert and founder of Urban Doll, Sima Mosbacher. "If you don't have makeup on your eyes already, simply wait for the glue to dry and use a tweezer or Q-Tip to swipe off — similar to the way some remove mascara."

Like most beauty products, lash glue has an expiration date indicated on the package. "In my own experience, lash glues last around six months after you buy it," says Mosbacher. "To keep it in top shape, make sure you fully close the tube after using it to avoid the product from drying out." Additionally, celebrity makeup artist Andrew Velázquez notes that if the glue is too thick or sticky, throw it away.

Did you notice the InStyle Picks seal of approval at the top of this story? That means our team of testers has reviewed every product on this list using a unique methodology to ensure it's really worth your time, money, and attention. We may get samples for free to try but we never promise positive (or any!) coverage in exchange. Put simply: InStyle picks are products we love, and we've put them to the test to be sure you will too.

Lauren Harano has been contributing to InStyle since August 2022, where she covers skincare, makeup, and hair care. She is knowledgeable about all things beauty and has tested hundreds of products during her career. For this article, Lauren interviewed three beauty experts: celebrity makeup artist Andrew Velázquez; founder of the Style Sprinter blog, Katya Bychkova; and lash expert and founder of Urban Doll, Sima Mosbacher. All three experts lent their expertise and shared what they find important in lash glues. Additionally, Lauren compiled insights from our in-house testers, poured over product specifications, and rounded up our top picks for this story. Each eyelash glue on this list is effective, safe for sensitive skin, and works well with all lash types.

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